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Amendment Article 12-24 states, that the Recording Secretary shall maintain an attendance book and the book shall be signed by each member at each meeting he attends.  This book will also be used to record the excused absences of officers and stewards for the purpose of reimbursing dues.  No members name shall be entered in the book by another person except as permitted or required by these By-laws, the Constitution, or policies of the International Brotherhood, or any applicable law.  An officer or steward who does not attend the monthly meeting for any personal illness, union duties, regular employment under a contract between the union and his employer, or some other unavoidable situation, shall present to the President on or before the next monthly meeting, his written reason for non-attendance at the meeting he missed.  If his reason is acceptable to the President and approved by a simple majority of the membership present, his name shall be entered in the book for each such meeting with a notation that his absence has been excused, and the President shall report this action at the next regular meeting and be so recorded in the meeting minutes.


Due to the action take at the 33rd Consolidated Convention, it will be necessary to update Local 11's by-laws to comply with the International Brotherhood Constitution and International policy. We need to follow by-laws requirements outlined in Article 23.3 of the International Brotherhood Constitution. Vote will be taken at the THIRD and final by-laws meeting, which is scheduled during the next regular meeting.

Proposed Amendments and Adoption of New Language to Local 11’s By-Laws to be voted on at the next regular meeting of Local Lodge 11.

Proposed amendments to existing language:

  • 9.1.1 &

    • 9.1.1 - * Insert the word “graduation”,  amending to read “Apprentices: Field Apprentices of this Lodge will not be charged the difference in fees upon graduation from an approved Apprenticeship Program”

    • *** - increase monthly dues for Helpers to “Per Capita + $5.00” ($33.55)

    • **** - add a requirement for the member to provide a doctor’s excuse every three (3) months to recertify eligibility to remain on the Sick & Distressed List.

  • 9.1.3

    • Increase Field dues to six percent (6%) of gross wages.


  • 9.1.6

    • Increase charge levied for each delinquent notice mailed by the Lodge from $20.00 to $30.00.


New Language Proposed for Adoption:

  • Article 8 – Meetings: Add new language to the effect of:

    To address problems of establishing a quorum, brought about by the distances which must be traveled by some of our members, teleconferencing or audio devices may be used to hold meetings when necessary, provided that at least 5 members are physically present. The names of members attending such meetings electronically may only be entered into the attendance book by the Business Manager, the President, or the acting President.”

  • 9.1.4 “The Lodge shall remit one percent (1%) of the gross income collected from members of other International Brotherhood Lodges to the home lodge of said member. However, the lodge shall only remit said field dues to Lodges that adopt a By-Laws provision identical to this provision. …”

Western States Apprenticeship Competition for 2017

Thank you to Brother Jeff Ovens for representing Boilermakers Local 11 at the Apprenticeship Competition!

Due to growing safety concerns, the Hall has installed three cameras in the building for our security. There will be other measures taken, including a new front door, installed as well.



Pursuant to the provisions of Article 12.2.2 and 28.2.2 of the International Brotherhood Constitution, your local lodge monthly dues have increased by two dollars and twenty cents ($2.20) (including the Contingency Increase from Article 12.2.3, explained below) and will be effective January 1, 2017. Monthly dues will be forty-six dollars and ninety cents ($46.90).  


Article 12.2.3 provides for an additional Per Capita Tax increase of seventy cents ($0.70). The total membership in the Brotherhood declined from 54,694 members on June 30, 2015, to 53,287 members on June 30, 2016 – a loss of 1,407 members or a 2.5725% decrease in membership during this period.





In the process of revising the by-laws, it was decided by the members to increase the field dues by .5% bringing the total amount of field dues to 5% of gross income. This change will become effecitve on January 1, 2013. Contractors will be notified by our office. Please contact the hall if you have any questions.

Effective October 1, 2017, the wage and benefit information will change as follows:

Wage increase of $2.00, with $1.00 going towards the organizing fund.

The current work schedule is as follows:


North American Energy Services PCColstrip: 22 Boilermakers currently working; possible Unit #1 turnaround tentatively starting September 9, 2017. 

CHS Laurel Refinery – CTS: 3 Boilermakers currently working. Weldtech: 12 Boilermakers currently working.

Exxon – AECom: 7 Boilermakers currently working. Jacobs: 5 Boilermakers currently working.






On average, it is costing the Hall $130 a month for members to be able to pay their dues with a credit or debit card. While we would like to continue this service, something needs to be done to help offset the cost. The issue was discussed during the August and September union meeting,and it was decided that starting January 1, 2012, members will be charged a service fee of $3.00 per transaction to help recover some of the cost for offering this service. If you have any questions, please call the hall.

**UPDATE** - Starting July 1, 2016 the hall will increase the service fee to $6.00 per transaction.


It was decided at the August Union meeting that all steward and officer excuses will be examined and approved on a case by case basis.


We are happy to offer members of Local 11 help with an alcohol or drug abuse problem.  It is modeled after a successful program in Local 154.  If you want to drink or use, that is your business.  If it has become a problem by hurting you, your loved ones, or your work and you want help, it is our business.  Please call Jess LaBuff at (406) 227-8757 for confidential help.  This program utilizes our insurance.  The treatment center will take care of the preauthorization with CIGNA Behavioral Health.  The email is  The cost per member are along the lines of our Major Medical costs.